The Queen’s Speech May 2021 – Our Summary

Policy News

Our summary of the 2021 Queen’s Speech, for the heritage sector.

The Queen’s Speech, delivered on 11 May, set out the Government’s agenda for 2021. Key news for heritage centred around the Government’s plans for ‘levelling up’, the confirmed introduction of changes to the planning system through a new Planning Bill and announcements around the Environment Bill.

We have produced a summary of the key points under sections for each of these key topics, which can be read here.

Key themes relating to heritage that were focussed on in the speech were as follows:

  • Levelling Up
  • Planning
  • Environment 
  • Education and Skills
  • Research and Development
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Travel and Transport
  • State Aid
  • Charities & the Public Sector

The full detail can be read in the library briefing, which was published to accompany the Queen’s Speech. A recording of the speech can be found here, along with a transcript here.