Queen’s Speech

Editor News

The State Opening of Parliament has taken place today (14 October 2019), with the Queen’s Speech outlining the government’s priorities on a variety of subjects.

The main points of significance for the heritage sector are:

  • There will be seven pieces of Brexit-related legislation, including measures to establish new regulatory frameworks for fishing, farming, trade and financial services, and a bill to end freedom of movement and bring in a points-based immigration system from 2021;
  • the government intends to reform UK agriculture policy through an Agricultural Bill, which will introduce schemes to pay for public goods like environmental protection and strengthening transparency and fairness in the supply chain;
  • Fisheries Bill will be taken forward in attempt to establish control over who can fish in UK waters, and under what terms, aiming to ensure the sustainability of UK marine life and environment;
  • A deepened commitment to the natural environment and animal welfare is also planned through an Environment Bill which aims to contribute to the wider mission of preserving for the generations to come.

Read the full policy paper here.