Heritage in 20 years: What will matter most?

Policy Events

The Heritage Alliance Heritage Debate 2022 will offer the chance for us all to discuss: ‘Heritage in 20 years: What will matter most?’
Heritage Debate 2022

Join the the sector and debate what will matter most in 20 years time

This year’s online Heritage Debate (taking place on 24 November, 5-7pm) will discuss – Heritage in 20 Years: What will matter most?

Each year, The Heritage Alliance’s Heritage Debate offers the chance for all those interested in heritage to come together and explore key challenges facing the sector. This year, five panellists will make the case for a specific priority and why that priority will be the most important issue for the sector in 2042. At the end of the debate, all attendees will take the role of funders and will have the chance to allocate fictional funding between the 5 priorities.

Tickets are free for Alliance Members, £5 for Concessions, or £7 for General Admission.

Join the Discussion

This year, we have also asked anyone with an interest in heritage to send us a short blog post on what they think will matter most to heritage in 20 years’ time. Explore their broad range of perspectives and see how to share yours: