Diversity & Accessibility in the Heritage Sector – Share Your Views

Policy News

We are working to better understand Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility in the Heritage sector through two UK-wide surveys (linked below).

We encourage as many organisations as possible to complete both surveys and ask that you please pass the details on to your colleagues and contacts across the sector- we would like to gather robust data to ensure that the results accurately reflect the current situation.

The deadline for both surveys is 13 September 2021.

Diversity, Inclusion & the Heritage Sector

Are you passionate about diversity and inclusion in the heritage sector? Please complete this survey to help us understand what diversity and inclusion work currently looks like in the heritage sector and what support heritage organisations need to embed inclusive working, engage wider audiences and improve hiring practices.

This survey is open to everyone working in heritage across the UK. Your insights will be key in helping us to make the case for increased support for organisations to improve their work around diversity and inclusion. 

Accessibility & Heritage

We are also working with Ecclesiastical [Alliance Corporate Partner] to gain an understanding of how accessibility is being prioritised within the sector. Please also contribute your insights on heritage and accessibility, based on your experiences of working in heritage.