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Our vision

Our Vision

Our vision is for a society in which England’s historic environment and wider cultural heritage
is valued, supported and is able to enrich everyone’s lives. We believe this can be achieved
through the sympathetic, sustainable and imaginative use of the past around us, and by
increasing the understanding and enjoyment of all kinds of heritage by everyone, not least the
decision makers in Government who set the regulatory, fiscal and policy frameworks for the
care of our heritage. We aim to achieve our vision by harnessing the skills, strengths and talents
of our members.

The Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees comprises senior practitioners from across the built environment, archaeology, tourism and IMT (industrial, maritime and transport) sectors, whose expertise ensure that The Heritage Alliance has a clear vision and strategy.

  • Peter Ainsworth (Chair)
  • Dr Ben Cowell, Historic Houses Association (Deputy Chair)
  • Richard Norton (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Ian Baxter, Professor of Historic Environment Management, Suffolk Business School, UCS
  • Henry Cleary, Maritime Heritage Trust
  • Ingrid Samuel, The National Trust
  • Peter Aiers, The Churches Conservation Trust
  • Jan Wills, CIFA
  • Anna Whitelock, Royal Holloway
  • Roy Clare
  • Heather Jermy, Purcell

Advocacy — Engagement — Capacity Building — Resilience

Promotional Leaflet: Realising the power of heritage

The Heritage Alliance’s Strategic Plan 2016–2020

For the next five years, The Heritage Alliance will make a critical contribution to bringing about our overall vision by focusing our efforts and resources in the following areas:


We will use effective advocacy to persuade others, including public bodies at national and local level, to support the Alliance’s specific policy objectives. We will:

  • be an assertive and confident advocate for heritage
  • draw on our members’ knowledge and expertise and work with them to influence the regulatory and fiscal frameworks for heritage
  • develop partnerships, including with those beyond the heritage sector both at home and internationally, to help us achieve our policy objectives
  • keep our policy objectives under review, always taking account the views of our members

We will promote the value of heritage to government, businesses, communities and individuals,
in order to increase awareness and support for our policy objectives.
We will:

  • find new ways to express the value of heritage, so that we grow engagement with our cause
  • ensure that heritage is relevant to the issues of the day, demonstrating its ongoing relevance to people’s lives
  • maintain and develop the information resources we provide to our members on policy, good practice and research
Capacity Building

We will inspire, leading and supporting our members to achieve their full potential as heritage organisations. We will:

  • attract capacity-building funding to address areas of shared concern, sharing innovation and best practice
  • seek to identify potential new financial resources for the independent heritage movement
  • develop our online resources to support our members’ work

We will work to make the Alliance more resilient and self-supporting in financially challenging times. We will:

  • increase and diversify the funding available to us for our core costs
  • attract and develop the necessary skills to achieve the Alliance’s mission
  • conduct a stakeholder analysis to help prioritise our work, and keep this under review