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Manifesto Briefings

The Power of Heritage: Supplementary Briefings

Welcome to The Alliance’s online resource accompanying our manifesto, The Power of Heritage.

The Alliance’s supplementary briefings are an essential resource for information on the key asks identified in our recently published manifesto. They also serve as a useful guide on issues currently affecting the independent heritage sector. Where possible, the supplementary briefings draw on the specialist knowledge and experience of our members, our consultation responses developed through our advocacy groups, alongside references to research from government and national bodies.

Creating a Positive Tax Regime for Maintenance and Conservation:

Briefings on VAT, Listed Places of Worship, and tax arrangements for historic house businesses.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

We call on government to alter the current VAT regime

The Alliance calls on the UK Government to permanently reduce VAT to 5% on the repairs, maintenance and improvement of dwellings in private ownership

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Listed Places of Worship Scheme

We call on government to confirm the Listed Places of Worship scheme beyond 2016

This scheme will continue to benefit this importance class of buildings for future generations

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Tax Arrangements

Tax Arrangements for Historic House Businesses

We call on all political parties to simplify the tax arrangements for historic house businesses

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National Tax Changes


The unintended consequences of national tax changes threaten the financial viability of historic assets

We call on government to examine this with the help of our expert membership

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Briefings on Brexit

We have produced several responses to the UK government’s plans for the the EU Exit and what these will mean for the heritage sector.

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