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The Heritage Alliance, established in 2002 as Heritage Link, is the biggest alliance of heritage interests in the UK and was set up to promote the central role of the independent movement in the heritage sector.

The Heritage Alliance aims to advocate by identifying the overarching messages from our members and putting them across to opinion formers and decision makers in England. The Alliance also aims to advocate broader issues such as the importance of heritage to national prosperity and wellbeing, alongside the importance of generating new thinking and dialogue on heritage issues.

It aims to share by drawing on members’ experience and expertise to influence legislation, policy and guidance; by supporting collaborative working and information-sharing between Alliance members; and by exploring new patterns of engagement to deepen understanding and commitment.

It builds capacity amongst members to champion and engage with heritage through events and on-line resources; by taking forward initiatives to strengthen the financial resilience of the independent heritage sector; and by promoting and embracing partnership opportunities.

The Heritage alliance also develops its members by achieving greater representation by heritage groups; by refreshing and developing information-sharing devices such as the Advocacy Groups, Heritage Update, website and social media; and by increasing and diversifying funding for core costs, including corporate and individual support.

Read The Heritage Alliance’s Articles of Association.

Our Trustees and vision

The Alliance Board of Trustees comprises 12 senior practitioners from across the heritage sector.

Find out more about The Alliance’s Vision and Strategy, which is guided by the expertise of our trustees.
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Our Chair

Peter Ainsworth is The Heritage Alliance’s Chairman.

Appointed to the Board of Trustees in 2018, Peter Ainsworth is a strong advocate for the independent heritage sector.
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Lizzie Glithero-West is The Heritage Alliance’s Chief Executive.

Lizzie’s career in the civil service has given her an expert knowledge of policy areas such as archaeology, heritage protection and tourism.
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Our Policies

The Alliance’s policies on privacy etc are set out here.

Find out more about how we use .
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