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Heritage Alliance travel grant scheme opens at Heritage Day!

Heritage Alliance travel grant scheme opens at Heritage Day!

The Heritage Alliance, with support from the British Council, is delighted to offer travel grants to support UK heritage professionals to develop mutually beneficial international projects and partnerships for their organisations. The such a scheme was one of the recommendations in the Heritage Alliance’s 2018 international report. The scheme will be opened for applications on 6th December at the Heritage Alliance’s Heritage Day.

The total amount of funding available is £15,500 and will enable recipients to undertake an international visit to meet with colleagues and share skills, expertise and experience. Applications will be considered for grants up to £700 for visits within Europe and up to £1,500 for visits beyond Europe.

Priority will be given to small and medium UK heritage organisations (with a turnover under £1m), particularly those who are new to international working, and for mutually beneficial visits to countries on the Overseas Development Aid (ODA) list (included in the application form).

Deadline for applications is 17:00 on Friday 15 February 2019. Travel must be completed by 1 November 2019.

Successful applicants must write a post-visit report (template provided), a blog post, and provide at least three images of their visit. They could also be invited to share their experience at the next Heritage Alliance International event.
The full scheme description, eligibility, guidelines and criteria, as well as how to apply are set in THA Travel Grant Application form.