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How to set up a Community Shares Project

How to set up a Community Shares Project

New workshops available now on how to set up a Community Shares Project

This one-day interactive workshop will provide attendees with all the information and guidance they need to understand how heritage organisations can utilise community shares to raise significant sums from their supporter communities. This course is designed mainly for trustees, committee members and those who work with them. It will provide the background to community shares and who is using them, and why they have been adopted by many organisations as a method of raising finance. We will also look at what is needed from a legal, technical and practical perspective to run a successful community share offer.

The course will include the following elements:

  • What are Community Shares
  • Which organisations are using Community Shares to raise capital, and why?
  • Who is buying Community Shares, and why?
  • What’s needed for a Community Share offer (including options for Charities and CICs)
  • How do you do a successful community share offer (including using behavioural insights)
  • Who a share offer might work well for, who they won’t, and why
  • Sources of advice and support for next steps