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Social investment and community shares

Social Investment Consultation and Support Sessions

Social investment is the use of finance to achieve a social, as well as a financial return. It sits between philanthropy and full investment, with significant tax benefits.

Social investment can secure finance for your project when other options are not suitable. It can be used to kick-start your project, help your organisation secure assets or smooth cashflow.

A summary of the different types of Social Investment available and the uses that they have can be found here.

For heritage organisations that are interested in taking social investment a step further, we will be partnering with CAN Invest to provide a limited number of one-hour consultancy sessions.

There will be no cost to the organisations participating (all costs are paid by the HLF) and it is targeted at those that are looking into the potential of taking their organisation down the Social Investment route or have already done so and require some assistance.

If you would like to participate or are unsure if you fit the criteria for Social Investment then you can fill out our self-diagnostic survey.

The survey will give you a score that lets you know if your organisation fits the criteria for Social Investment and will give you the option to receive one of our free sessions at the end.

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Our Social Investment experts

Rohan Martyres
Director of Impact & Investment Strategy

Rohan leads CAN’s social impact, social investment and business advisory work for VCSEs and VCSE funders.  He has delivered numerous impact consultancy and mentoring projects for charity and social enterprise clients within the UK and internationally.  He is also a Trustee of London Funders, the umbrella body of public and independent funders of the third sector in London. 

Rohan has 12 years’ experience in the UK and internationally across the third and public sectors, including with Pilotlight, London Borough of Hackney, international NGOs and the World Economic Forum.  Rohan holds three first-class equivalent degrees in humanities, sciences and third sector strategy and innovation from the University of Melbourne and the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. 

Greg Woolley
Social Business Analyst / Investment Fund Manager

Greg works on a range of CAN Invest activities, focusing on social impact measurement, capacity building around business and investment readiness.  He also manages CAN’s Early Intervention Loan Fund, which offers social investment of £5,000 – £100,000 to organisations working with children and young people in London.
Greg has a strong working knowledge of the third sector. He has previously worked for the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, working as a Research Analyst, where he worked on many large-scale projects including leading the development of an equitable global tariff pricing methodology for all CIPS products. Prior to that Greg worked at Macmillan Cancer Support as a Fundraising Manager. Greg holds an MSc in Charity Resource Management and a 1st class honours BSc in Sports & Business Management.

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