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The Giving to Heritage team are holding thirty webinars on a number of innovative themes relating to heritage and fundraising.

The majority of the webinars will be case-study led, with the fundraiser from the heritage project presenting. There will be an opportunity to interact with the presenter during the webinar or afterwards. The webinars are free of charge, and the duration is forty-five minutes.

Current webinars

  • An Introduction to Social Investment – Watch here

To register for any of our upcoming webinars please see the Institute of Fundraising website.

Recent webinars

Calling All Angels – The Case for Support at St Nicholas Chapel

For this webinar we are joined by Jo O’Sullivan an Institute of Fundraising trainer and consultant who will provide a general overview on the importance of having a Case for Support and Matthew McKeague who will be discussing how developing an effective Case for Support and the use of high quality marketing ensured the success of the St Nicholas Campaign. Listen in to learn more about their targeted case for support and the effective tools they chose to use such as a good tag line or quality photography.

By solely focusing on moving ‘beyond heritage’ St Nicholas Chapel was able to widen the appeal and the impact of the project through the added benefit of a partnership with Churches Conservation Trust.

From Nothing to Something – Developing Your Legacy Strategy From Scratch

In this webinar we are joined by Claire Routley an Institute of Fundraising trainer and consultant who will provide an introduction to Legacy Fundraising for Heritage and research available in the field generally, and Mary Atkins, Head of Fundraising at the Country Trust, who will help you understand how to take research findings and convert them into a simple but effective legacy campaign. Register now to see how research findings from the Office of Civil Society, The IoF Legacy SIG and Remember a Charity were used to consider and create marketing tools, both online and traditional and to segment existing data to initiate a new legacy campaign.

Effective Fundraising Leadership to Support Major Giving

This Webinar offers a guide to creating the leadership structures that will help you drive and support major giving. Whether you are raising funds for on-going programmes, core costs, a capital campaign, an endowment fund or a combination of these, motivated and focused leadership are essential.

Valentine Morby, Institute of Fundraising expert and trainer, will be providing an overview of effective leadership when considering fundraising and will be joined by Melanie Stoutzker, a development consultant in the cultural and heritage sector.

Melanie will be providing further insight on the process of forming, motivating and managing a group of ‘givers and getters’ and will be drawing on examples from her experiences with a number of organisations include the Natural History Museum, South Georgia Heritage Trust, Christ’s Hospital School and the National Portrait Gallery.

A Mixed Fundraising Model

The newest webinar in our series introduces you to a mixed fundraising strategy which has been operated successfully at regional museum and gallery The Lightbox. It demonstrates why this is a more sustainable model in times of economic stringency and how it can also engage your community and stakeholders effectively.

It briefly examines a portfolio of fundraising opportunities from corporate support and maintaining those relationships to how to utilise friends and members in active fundraising.

Marilyn Scott Director of The Lightbox uses the example of her own gallery and museum to illustrate that a broad range of fundraising opportunities can be accessible to those without enormous development resource and that accessing a little from a lot of people can be a safer option than relying on one major funder. She examines how in times of declining local authority funding local communities are even more vital in their role as fundraisers and advocates. She is joined by Valentine Morby, an IoF trainer, who provides an overview of potential income streams.

Watch the video below:

Making the Most of Digital for Heritage Fundraising

How can your heritage organisation use digital tools to raise more money from more sources? More importantly, how can you do that with limited digital skills, time or money?

Howard Lake, publisher of UK Fundraising for the past 20 years, will share some practical and low cost tips to get you making the most of digital and social media.

This great webinar covers:

  • Tweaking your website and email communications -make sure you get the most from them!
  • How to inspire and support your donors and supporters (and staff and trustees!) in spreading your fundraising message to wider audiences
  • Find out which tools and channels to focus on. Is crowdfunding worth a try? What is Facebook good for? What about SMS text giving?
  • Great tips demonstrated through the case study: Colchester’s Roman Circus
  • Measure what you do AND you can learn from it!
  • Expect tips, tools and examples of what can be done, but with a clear sense of priority order.

Watch the video below:

Successful Event Fundraising

This webinar features Valentine Morby, an IoF trainer and fundraising consultant, who briefly examines the advantages and disadvantages of event fundraising as well as Sarah Mitchell, Development Executive of the Watts Gallery Trust. Sarah uses the Watts Team Triathlon campaign as a case study to describe the use of digital giving as part of a fundraising event. They will discuss how the campaign used digital communications to raise money for the Save the Watts studio project. This example of an ‘extreme fundraising’ event was able to beat a target of £10,000.

Watch the video below:

Fundraising in the Community: Hastings Pier – Community Shares

Watch this on demand webinar for an introduction to the role of community fundraising and a range of community fundraising tools suitable for heritage organisations. Discover the benefits of community shares in particular as the chief executive of the Hastings Pier group demonstrates their use in funding the on-going restoration of Hastings Pier.

Watch the video below: