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‘Historic Environment Forum’ Website Brief


The Historic Environment Forum (HEF) brings together senior members of staff from more than twenty public and non-government bodies to work collaboratively on strategic matters for the historic environment sector.

HEF is a top-level forum, which carries out a range of activities to co-ordinate sector initiatives, and to encourage and support research, conservation, presentation, enjoyment and use of the historic environment in England. It is also a useful information-sharing platform between its members, aimed at enabling timely decisions to best support the sector.

Since 2015 HEF has been responsible also for the programme ‘Heritage 2020’, which showcased its outputs and outcomes in the website Heritage 2020 is drawing to an end in September 2020 and HEF decided to redevelop the Heritage 2020 website to share its activities and engage more with the broader historic environment sector and other stakeholders. This is also part of a recent restructuring of HEF, aimed at ensuring transparency and wider accessibility to HEF activities.

The Heritage Alliance is responsible for the project that supports the work of the Historic Environment Forum.

The current project runs between May 2020 and April 2021, but a new bid will be placed in October 2020 to continue offering the support necessary for HEF to deliver a number of beneficial outcomes identified by its members beyond April 2021.


HEF is a closed membership Forum, whose identified audiences are:

  • Members of the Forum.
  • Organisations within the historic environment sector engaging in collaborative working as part in HEF or its groups.
  • Organisations within the historic environment sector that are outside of the HEF umbrella but who are kept informed/involved of HEF’s work and benefit from its outputs.
  • Policy makers and opinion formers that the HEF seeks to influence through its work.
  • Partners from other sectors that will be kept involved of HEF activity and will be invited to contribute to task group priorities.


Goals of the site

  • Provide updated information on the activities of the Forum and its working groups in an accessible and navigable way.
  • Increase the visibility of HEF.
  • Make HEF outputs public.
  • Invite stakeholders to engage with HEF activities as appropriate.


HEF is not incorporated. To avoid giving the idea of a ‘corporate identity’, the visual identity of HEF on the website will be reduced to a minimum (e.g. it will not have a logo). The design concept behind the current Heritage 2020 website can be broadly maintained, although a brand new structure has been drafted.

Technical features of the site and content

The domain of the current website will have to be changed. The developer will be responsible for the migration of the current content of the website to a section of the new site (following the guidance of the team).

The new website will include:

  • A section on the scope, remit, membership, structure of the Forum, and contact details.
  • A section on HEF activities (with downloadable resources) and events (possibly with links to Eventbrite).
  • A section on Heritage 2020 and an ‘Archive’.
  • ‘News’ and ‘Get involved’ sections.

We would like to discuss the options for a members area (requiring log-in), where programme participants can access:

  • Discussion boards
  • Additional content

It must integrate with or work alongside existing platforms:

  • Social media (twitter, LinkedIn). We need a Twitter feed showcased in the homepage of the website
  • Online surveys ( / Surveymonkey

We need to be able to track visits to the different pages of the website.

The website to be redeveloped is based on WordPress, which we would like to maintain.

In-house requirements

The website must be editable by the HEF team (not especially trained in tech). We must be able to add new content (and possibly new pages) easily and independently.

Hosting, support and maintenance

The Heritage Alliance will secure online hosting as long as the project continues to be funded.

We may need support in future in editing the website. Therefore, please include in your quote a separate line for ongoing yearly support and maintenance.


The redeveloped website has to be online by December 2020. Immediate availability is required.


The maximum budget for this initial redevelopment is £6,000 incl. VAT. Applicants should have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

How to respond to the call for tender

Please send your portfolio, a short CV and a quote to Francesca Benetti (Historic Environment Forum Steering Group Manager):

Immediate availability is required.