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Changes to the Planning System

The Heritage Alliance has produced a summary of the Government’s new White Paper on Planning.

MHCLG last week released its White Paper ‘Planning for the Future‘, which outlines the Government’s vision for a new, simplified planning system. The proposals would see land zoned ‘for growth’, ‘for renewal’, or ‘for protection’ by local authorities. The consultation also includes measures to encourage the building of beautiful and sustainable houses and a new ‘Infrastructure Levy’ to replace current developer contributions.

You can read the Alliance’s full summary of the paper here.

In addition, recent announcements of the use of Permitted Development in relation to the demolition of old buildings and ‘building up’ are also of particular concern for our sector. There was, also released last week, a further consultation​ on more changes to the current planning system, including extending permitted development rights to major developments.

The Heritage Alliance’s Spatial Planning Advocacy Group (SPAG) is working to produce a letter to the Government about our concerns with these changes and to produce a more comprehensive ‘red line’ briefing.

Alliance member’s have reacted with caution to the announcement. The National Trust welcomed the Government’s commitment to protecting special spaces, but warned that changes ‘need to be carefully considered in the context of how we build back better, not just faster’. CPRE similarly responded with a warning to Government while CIfA have pointed out the limited consideration granted to archaeology in the report.