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The Heritage Alliance Supports Statement for Anti-Racism in UK Heritage

The Heritage Alliance has joined leading membership bodies representing museums, heritage and archives in the UK in supporting a joint statement of intent to end racism in the heritage sector.

Here is the full statement:

Joint statement of intent for the heritage sector

The Black Lives Matter movement began in America after a series of killings of black people in or following police custody. The movement has resonance in the UK, not least because of our nation’s history in which racism has become entrenched.

As the leading membership bodies representing the UK museums, heritage and archives we take responsibility for ending racism in the heritage sector. This work is overdue. This work is non-negotiable. It cuts across all aspects of our sector, from the collections we curate and preserve, the people who make up the heritage workforce, to the learning programmes we deliver.

The conversation and the action is ongoing.

We commit to pro-actively support :

  • representing our members across the heritage sector, acknowledging that our nation’s history and heritage is an invaluable tool in the fight against racism and discrimination.
  • anti-discrimination debate and discussion in the care of and access to heritage collections.
  • seeking, and taking care of the needs of a diverse heritage workforce.
  •  members to develop diverse collections.
  • asking questions and challenging practices that support racism in all of its forms.
  • that now is the time to be anti-racist. 
  • doing the work involved to end discrimination here and now.


  • The Group for Education in Museums (GEM)
  • The Association of Independent Museums (AIM)
  • The International Council of Museums UK (ICOM UK)
  • The Museums Association 
  • The Heritage Alliance 
  • The Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland)
  • Engage
  • Association for Heritage Interpretation