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The Alliance responds on #newEH model

The Heritage Alliance has submitted its response to DCMS on the proposal to establish from 2015 a new charity to manage the National Heritage Collection, alongside the renaming of the heritage protection services as Historic England. Taking into account the views of its members expressed at the December AGM, it is open about the principle of separation, welcomes the continuation of public ownership and guardianship for the National Collection and in particular the explicit endorsement by Government that investing in repair, maintenance and interpretation is the best strategy to prevent the terminal decline of our valuable and  irreplaceable heritage.

Concluding however that the consultation document lacked enough detail to categorically agree or disagree with the proposals, The Alliance has set out a series of recommendations aimed at minimising the financial and other risks to both the new charity and to Historic England. It points out that the National Heritage Collection, important as these assets are, comprises only 0.05% of designated heritage assets in England. Historic England’s corporate strategy and its mechanisms  for working in partnership with others is the key challenge. Throughout, the Alliance refers to the importance of public consultation in shaping these bodies to be fit for the purpose.

Responses to the New EH Consultation

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  • British Property Federation [Alliance member] response
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  • English Heritage response
  • Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers [FAME] [Alliance member]  response
  • Historic Towns Forum and Association of Small historic towns and villages of the UK response [Alliance member’s] response
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  • Heritage Lottery Fund response
  • Heritage Railways Association [Alliance member] response 
  • Jewish Heritage UK [Alliance member] response
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  • London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies [Alliance member] response
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  • The National Trust [Alliance member] response
  • RESCUE: The British Archaeological Trust [Alliance member] response
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  • South East Region Association of Preservation Trusts [Alliance Member] response
  • University Campus Suffolk Heritage [Alliance member] response
  • Woodland Trust and Ancient Tree Forum response