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Advocacy Groups

Advocacy Groups

The Heritage Alliance draws on its members’ knowledge and expertise to influence legislation, policy and guidance.

Our members shared interests are primarily gathered through our four advocacy groups; Spatial Planning, Funding, Inclusion and Learning, and Rural Heritage. These groups operate as the Alliance’s primary advisory bodies on policy issues including consultation responses as well as acting as information-sharing forums. Working Groups involve stakeholders from beyond our membership, as well as our members. Click on a panel below to find out more.

Rural Heritage

The Rural Heritage Advocacy Group was established to review and influence the policies that impact upon the mamangement of the rural historic environment.
Click here for more information

Spatial Planning

The Spatial Planning Advocacy Group aims to bring together the expertise of Alliance members to influence land use planning policy, promote the role of the NGO heritage sector and act a means of information exchange Click here for more information

Funding and Investment

The Funding and Investment Advocacy group aims to review and influence the development of funding policy for heritage and to support members in their capacity to access funding Click here for more information

Digital, Learning and Skills


The Digital, Learning and Skills Advocacy Group aims to bring together the expertise of Alliance members to influence education, volunteering and engagement policy and to act as a means of information exchange and best-practice sharing amongst membersClick here for more information

Historic Religious Building Alliance

The Historic Religious Buildings Alliance brings together those working for a secure future for historic religious buildings. It is an independently-funded group within the The Heritage Alliance. Click here for more information

Mobile Heritage

The Mobile Heritage Advocacy group aims to review and influence policy relating to historic planes, trains, boats and automobiles.Click here for more information


The Tax Working Group aims to influence tax law for the benefit of the heritage sector.Click here for more information

Marine Heritage

The Marine Heritage Working Group aims to monitor and react to policy relating to the marine historic environment.