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The Heritage Alliance Manifesto

The Power of Heritage

The Heritage Alliance is calling on the UK government to realise the power of heritage

Representing the broad consensus of the independent heritage sector, our manifesto calls on all political parties to adopt specific policy measures that ensure that the protection, conservation, alongside factors contributing to the resilience and well-being of the independent heritage sector continue to be met through wider government objectives.

This resource contains an online version of our manifesto, access to in-depth supplementary briefings on our key asks, alongside details on how you can become actively involved in our advocacy campaign in the build-up to the 2015 General Election.

The Power of Heritage Manifesto

To download a copy of our Manifesto, click on the report (left) or the link below (opens in new window). For further information on each of our specific policy asks, view and download our supplementary briefings. Download the Power of Heritage Manifesto [PDF 1.58mb]   View and download the supplementary briefings

Heritage Alliance Member Manifestos

Civic Manifesto 2015-20: Localism for Real

The report is published by Civic Voice, a member of The Alliance, following a period of consultation with its wide membership. The report claims that to achieve ‘real localism’ the next government needs to improve the quality of the public real in cities, towns and villages, give all citizens the opportunity to actively shape the future of their place, while also giving local communities the powers they need to enable their town and city centres to prosper. Download the Civic Manifesto 2015-20  

Unlock the countryside’s potential

The Country Land and Business Association, a member of the Alliance, is calling on the next Government to deliver a proactive approach to the countryside and recognise the importance of rural-based businesses to the wider economy. Download the CLA Manifesto  

Stand up For the Countryside

The Campaign to Protect Rural England, a member of the Alliance, is calling on all parties to develop policies to have the right housing in the right places, the right infrastructure for the right reasons, and a beautiful countryside to sustain us all.

Download the CPRE Manifesto  

The power of the historic vehicle movement

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, a member of the Alliance, is calling on all parties to recognise the economic significance of the historic Vehicle movement, support its activities to gain heritage recognition of historic vehicles, continue to support young people who wish to participate in Historic Vehicle Restoration Apprenticeships, implement the EU Road worthiness Directive sympathetically and extend the historic vehicle Excise Duty exemption.

Download the FBHVC Manifesto  

Heritage Means Business

Historic Houses Association, a member of the Alliance, is seeking recognition and understanding, not only of the contribution and benefits that the independent heritage sector makes to the success and well-being of the nation, but of the very real threats to the future of historic houses, and is calling on the support of all political parties to help protect our nation’s heritage for present and future generations. Download the HHA policy statement  

Supporting Britian’s Waterways Heritage

The Inland Waterways Association, a member of the Alliance, is calling on Members of Parliament to demonstrate their support for the waterways by supporting its Five Point Partnership: Protecting our heritage; Building a Local Relationship with Constituency Waterways Groups; Work with the IWA through the APPG for the Waterways; support the Transfer of Navigations to the Canal & River Trust [Alliance member]; and supporting affordable new off line moorings. Download the Inland Waterways Association Manifesto  

Manifestos from across the sector

Free Society: Realising our nation’s potential through the third sector

ACEVO, the Charity Leaders Network, has put forward 36 recommendations to help the UK meet its potential. ACEVO and the Charities Aid Foundation have also jointly-published a series of books providing an insight into what the the three main political parties (Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties) think of civil society in advance of the General Election in May 2015. Download the ACEVO 2015 General Election Manifesto  

Really Great Real Estate

The British Property Federation is arguing that real estate is one of the fundamental building blocks of our economy. It is calling on political parties to invest in real estate by strengthening our global competitiveness, boosting growth through construction, and meeting the housing challenge.
Download the BPF 2015 General Election Manifesto  

Get Britain Building

The Federation of Master Builders, working in partnership with The Modern Masonary Alliance, Home Builders Federation and Builders Merchants Federation, is calling for the publication of a long term housing strategy within the first year of the next UK government.

In line with the Alliance’s manifesto, The Power of Heritage, the Report also calls for a reduction in VAT on housing renovation and repair from 20% to 5%. Download Get Britain Building 2020 Delivery Plan  

Listed Property Owners Club

The Listed Property Owners Club has argued that due to financial and regulatory pressures, owners are ignoring listed property consent process and undertaking unauthorised work thereby placing listed buildings at risk. Download LPOC briefing [powerpoint]  

A Vision for Change

New Philanthropy Capital, has outlined a vision to take new thinking to make sure civil society is healthy and thriving. As we approach the general election, NPC’s manifesto sets out a series of proposals for change to build a more vibrant and effective charity sector

Download A Vision for Change  

The Tourism Briefing 2015

The Tourism Alliance has launched its Manifesto outlining a number of detailed asks so that the tourism industry can continue to deliver high levels of growth and employment for the UK.

The Tourism Industry is currently the UK’s third largest employer, providing jobs for 3.1m people (over 9.6% of the UK workforce) and contributing £127bn to the UK economy (9% of GDP). To coincide with the publication of the Manifesto, the Tourism Alliance has also published its Tourism Statistics 2015 which outlines key facts about the sector.

Download The Tourism Briefing 2015