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Giving to Heritage

Giving to Heritage is The Heritage Alliance’s exciting training programme for fundraisers in the  heritage sector. Working in partnership with the Institute of Fundraising, it represents a major step change in fundraising to help secure a productive future for many of our heritage assets. Now extended for another year.

Who is it for?

This training programme is for any member of staff, volunteer, committee member or trustee from a heritage or community group with responsibility to develop and deliver fundraising activities for a heritage project, museum or other organisation.


Do I qualify to attend? 
The workshops are primarily aimed at those who have little or no experience in the types of fundraising covered by the workshops. It is not necessary to be a member of The Heritage Alliance or be an Institute of Fundraising member to attend.

Are there any other obligations?
Attendees will be asked to provide feedback on progress in applying the training in their organisation after attending a workshop and may also be asked to participate in a final project evaluation by an external evaluator.


What workshop attendees are saying:

“A brilliant resource for everyone in heritage and should be over-subscribed.”

“Thank you for arranging this inspirational training – the added bonus for me was making a couple of potentially useful local links.”

“The workshops didn’t just tell me things. It made me think.”

“Excellent programme with wide range of courses available. Good non-London locations and realistic prices.”


Why we need to engage with philanthropy in heritage.
Over half our respondents in our Giving to Heritage survey generate only 10% or less of their income from fundraising.
Of an estimated £10 billion a year from individual giving, arts and heritage has the lowest number of donors – just 1% of the total.

Flying the Flag for the Cultural Sector. Read here what Martin Kaufman, Martin Kaufman Philanthropy had to say at the Heritage Alliance Debate on 24 June 2014.

The Heritage Alliance

The Heritage Alliance unites 100 independent heritage organisations in England, acting as a powerful, effective and independent advocate for the movement.
Read more here

The Institute of Fundraising

The Institute of Fundraising has an unparalleled track record in meeting the professional development needs of the UK’s fundraising workforce, having trained over 25,000 fundraisers to date. Read more here. The project draws on the Institute’s 30 years’ experience of tried and tested practitioner-led fundraising training packages which will be delivered with their existing expertise and infrastructure.

The Heritage Funding Directory

Managed by The Heritage Alliance, the Heritage Funding Directory is a free, easy to use online guide to potential sources of support, financial and otherwise, for anyone seeking to undertake projects related to the heritage of the United Kingdom. Click here to visit the site



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