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Fundraising ‘top tips’

‘Top tips’ for making sure your website is user-friendly for donors

We have collected together some top tips from expert fundraisers, partners and friends. 

We hope you find them as useful as we did.

  • Think about your message
    Is it easy to understand what it is that you do, and why?
    Is there a way to make your message simpler or more relevant?
  • Tell your story
    There is always a story – the generous donor who set up the charity, the reason the charity came into existence, the history of the site – it is these human stories that engage and capture the imagination…
  • You are a charity
    Have you made it clear to your potential donors that your organisation is a charity?  Being a charity can make a significant difference to the financial benefits of giving.
  • Do you have a ‘support us’ page or equivalent?
    Is it easy to convert the people who have an interest in what you do (i.e. who have visited your website) into people who support your work (i.e. who have donated money)?  Consider having an online donation facility to make it easier to give.
  • Are you registered with HMRC as a charity for tax purposes?
    Make sure that you are registered as a charity for tax purposes or you could be missing out on an additional 25% in gift aid on eligible donations.
  • Your website is your ‘shop window’
    Expert web designers can be expensive, but can help make your organisation look more professional and credible. This can be important for some donors.
  • Do you have a fundraising strategy?
    A fundraising strategy can help you and your trustees in your financial planning, but can also help potential donors to understand your longer-term aims and goals.
  • Transparency
    Do you have your annual accounts and reports online?  Is there an easy way to chart your achievements and progress?
  • Best practice
    Have a look at other charities websites (from the heritage sector and wider) to get an idea of how others have presented their information and get some new ideas!