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Geographical Coverage: Available throughout the UK


The Trustees welcome applications from charities, CICs and IPSs. Grants are provided for projects relating to the following charitable purposes:

1. Education (organic farming, animal husbandry, veterinary science, animal welfare and animal surgery)

2. The visual and performing arts

3. Medical research

4. The relief of disability and severe illness

5. The preservation of buildings of architectural or historical significance

6. The accommodation of those in need

7. The skills based training of young people

The application process is straightforward. There is a short application form- which must be used. No additional or supporting information is usually required. The Trustees do not normally stage the application process. If successful, applicants can expect to receive their grant within three months of completing an application. Below is more detailed information about when to apply, the eligibility criteria and the application form and how to apply and how to contact the Foundation before or after making an application. When to apply The Trustees aim to meet in January, April, July and October.

See also

The Foundation also run an annual grant programme, details can be found here:

For further information contact:




Heritage Sector Nature of Support Source Type

   Countryside, Historic Landscapes, Parks, Gardens, Churchyards, Cemeteries

   Industrial, Transport, Maritime

   Archives, Collections, Spoken History etc

   Historic Buildings (including Churches)

   Museum, Gallery Collections

   Archaeology etc

   Environmental; Biodiversity etc

   "Heritage Skills"; Conservation

   Heritage Interpretation and Education




   Scholarships, Training and Bursaries

   Advice on Funding



   "In Kind" Resources


   Central or Regional Devolved Government

   Local Authorities

   NDPBs, Agencies

   EU and other non-Governmental Bodies

   Grant-Giving Trusts




Last updated: 23 September 2015

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