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Geographical Coverage: Available throughout the UK


The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts is the operating office of 18 grant-making trusts established by members of the Sainsbury family. Each trust works autonomously as an independent legal entity with a separate board of trustees. Many of the trusts work closely with their chosen beneficiaries over a long period to achieve particular objectives and the majority of unsolicited proposals received by the Trusts are likely to be unsuccessful.  In particular, as a rule the Gatsby, Glass-House, Indigo, Linbury, Staples and Tedworth trusts do not consider unsolicited proposals.  The other trusts will consider exceptional proposals which fit closely their specific areas of interest.

Of the 18 individual trusts, the ones which have an expressed interest in supporting heritage projects, and which might therefore be of interest to users of this Directory, are:

The Linbury Trust makes grants to organisations and towards causes across a broad range of categories, including: the Arts; Education; Environment and Heritage; Medical; Social Welfare and Developing Countries. Within each of these categories, the Trustees make grants very selectively; they give priority to charitable causes where they have particular knowledge and experience. Although Linbury is particularly associated with supporting the arts, some 65 per cent of the value of grants made over the last ten years has been to other causes. However it does not normally consider unsolicited proposals.

The Glass-House Trust makes grants under a number of headings, including the built environment. However Trustees initiate proposals to be considered and do not encourage unsolicited approaches.

The Headley Trust makes grants under a number of headings, including:
Arts, heritage and conservation projects in the UK of outstanding creative or architectural importance;
Support for regional museums to purchase unusual or exceptional artefacts;
Repair work to the fabric of Anglican cathedrals and large ecclesiastical buildings of exceptional architectural merit;
Fabric repair of medieval parish churches in sparsely populated and less prosperous villages;
Restoration of buildings, statuary or paintings, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe, supporting the capacity of new heritage NGOs, and training the next generation of conservation and heritage professionals.

The Monument Trust makes grants under a number of headings, including:
Arts and Heritage arts, architectural and environmental projects of national or regional importance, including galleries, museums, and historic houses and gardens. Proposals are particularly welcome for cultural projects which will make a major contribution to improving economically depressed areas.

Normally trustees support projects which they have sought out, but unsolicited applications may occasionally be successful.  The trusts only fund registered charities and religious establishments, or activities with clearly defined charitable purposes. No applications are accepted from individuals. An application to one trust is considered an application to all.

For further information contact:

Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts
The Peak
5 Wilton Road

Tel: 020 7410 0330

Fax: 020 7410 0332



Heritage Sector Nature of Support Source Type

   Countryside, Historic Landscapes, Parks, Gardens, Churchyards, Cemeteries

   Industrial, Transport, Maritime

   Archives, Collections, Spoken History etc

   Historic Buildings (including Churches)

   Museum, Gallery Collections

   Archaeology etc

   Environmental; Biodiversity etc

   "Heritage Skills"; Conservation

   Heritage Interpretation and Education




   Scholarships, Training and Bursaries

   Advice on Funding



   "In Kind" Resources


   Central or Regional Devolved Government

   Local Authorities

   NDPBs, Agencies

   EU and other non-Governmental Bodies

   Grant-Giving Trusts




Last updated: 10 September 2015

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