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Christ Church, Bala, Gwynedd, Wales

The Situation:The church was cold, damp, and cluttered. It had no toilet and no meeting room. The roof was in poor condition.

Vision/goals:To repair and improve the building; to create a clutter-free open worship space; to create a meeting room and toilet; to make the church a suitable and relevant building for the present and future generations.

What was the funding strategy? The total cost of the project was £600,000.   It took three years to arrange all the funding.  Some property belonging to the church was sold, various assets were called in and grants obtained from a number of organisations, including the Heritage Lottery Fund.

What lessons were learnt? To be patient, positive and hopeful.

Outcomes:The work was started in March 2007. A new meeting room was constructed at the west end of the nave, with a spiral staircase leading to a gallery above it.  The old floor was removed, and replaced with underfloor heating, a screed, a damp proof membrane, and limestone tiles above them.  The church was rewired with new lights in a number of different places.  The font was restored.  The roof was completely renovated with rotten wood replaced, and slates and leading relaid.  The work was finished in November 2007.  The heating bills have increased significantly, but we are still able to pay the bills at present.

Social Cohesion:The church is open all day every day and many individuals call daily.  The congregation has increased.  Many more activiies take place in the church, eg lunches and youth groups etc.  More than 20 groups have visited to see the reordered church.

Any future plans for the building? To encourage more community use.

Many other people may be interested in what you have achieved and may like to get in touch to talk to you or arrange to pay a visit? Are you willing to be contacted and if so, can you give details of a contact person? Reverend Nia Wyn Morris.