Heritage Alliance Heroes Awards 2012

Congratulations to Paul Griffiths and runner-up Norman Tulip, who were recognised for their outstanding volunteer efforts at the Heritage Alliance Heroes Awards at Heritage Day on the 6th December.

Co-founder and Chairman of the Monastery of St Francis and Gorton Trust, Paul Griffiths was commended for his tireless work on the ‘Return of the Saints’ project – a 16-year struggle to return twelve statues of Franciscan saints to their rightful places in Gorton Monastery’s nave. ¬†And Norman Tulip, Chief Engineer of the SS Shieldhall in Southampton, was recognised for his efforts in making the ship seaworthy again after wear and tear threatened to take it out of operation.

The Awards were presented by Alliance Chairman Loyd Grossman and Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries Ed Vaizey, with the generous sponsorship of Ecclesiastical Insurance.


Heritage Alliance Heroes Awards 2012

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