Budget 2012: NPPF due on 27 March

In his Budget speech today (Wednesday 21 March) the Chancellor George Osborne confirmed the final National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) will be published on Tuesday 27 March.

The accompanying Red Book confirmed the NPPF would come into force “for plan-making and decisions from that point onwards, with appropriate implementation arrangements for local authorities with pro-growth policies in local plans.” The Alliance and many of its members are particularly concerned about this as figures show up to a third of councils are without Core Strategies, meaning from 1 April around 48 per cent of councils will be subject to the default ‘yes’ to development.

Accusing the planning system of having “killed off” business projects, the Chancellor said “you can’t earn your future if you can’t get planning permission” and hailed the forthcoming NPPF as “the biggest reduction in business red tape ever undertaken.”

Speculation and commentary as to the precise content of the final NPPF is rife – for all the latest follow #NPPF on Twitter.  The Heritage Alliance will publish a full response to the final document on publication day itself: keep up to date on our website or follow us on Twitter @Heritage_NGOs

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